Artistic Entrepreneurship





Do you want to sell your performances and reach an audience?  Do you feel the need to move to next level and be an expert in your field? Would you love to own your artistic language and understand how you can promote it? To be a real Artistic Entrepreneur, a boss in your own life?

Susanne are hosting the popular workshop again and this year Swedish Sofie Marin is back as co-host. The two have worked together on the development of UPgrade Go International for the Development Platform in Denmark. The workshop is held twice, and both times two international experts in the performing arts: Susanne Næss Nielsen from Dansarena Nord, Norway AND Chantal McCormick from Fidget Feet, Ireland are invited to give specific input to the participating artists.

We will help you to:

Claim your personal leadership
Get a professional brand
Get your communication platform and promotion material in place
Get a clear map of your contacts nationally and internationally and an action plan to work from
Get feedback and testimonials from international experts

In 2020 we have 2 workshops (the first was held in June online) – and there will only be 4 artistic groups (1-3 people) in each, so we have time to focus on you and your work and help you create a unique plan. Join us at BIRCA/Bornholm in Denmark in September for 4 amazing days, where you immerse yourself in understanding the core of your artistic work and business.

24 – 27. September at BIRCA LIVE – the workshop in September is focused on the basic work of understanding what you and your team/organisation are passionate about, creating a vision and a plan around this that will strengthen the professional activities, learning about branding, pitching and international networks. Susanne Næss Nielsen will be co-teaching. There will only be 4 artistic groups (1-3 people) in each, so we have time to focus on you and your work and help you create a unique plan.

Price of workshop at BIRCA incl. accommodation, food & materials: 1000 € plus 500€ for next person in the same group.

Meeting and working with Susanne and Sophie made me realize that I can dream big, that I have the power, capacities and skills to transform with my love for creating and performing.

Keren Rosenberg/Nederlands

Thank you for an amazing space and vision and for allowing us to dig deep into our artistic visions – we are ready to set sails for new horizons.

Eja Due/Denmark

Be part of a great group of other international performing artists with ambitions to grow and glow – cheer each other on and get a network to build new projects and exchange ideas with.

Following the program you will have a possibility of attending a mentorship program and you will be invited to expert webinars and a joint facebook to keep you on track.

The program is run by Susanne Danig, CEO and Founder Danig Performing Arts Service & BIRCA – artistic mentor, strategic consultant and international theatre producer.

About Sofie: Sofie Marin is the founder/CEO of From Sweden Productions, a leading promoter within arts, culture and entertainment. She specialises in digital marketing, business development and entrepreneurial growth to help creatives stand out, scale up and make a difference. Sofie is the chair of ballet company Stockholm 59° North and founder/creator of Arts Dynamics. 

Read more about her here

You will get top notch knowledge on the new field of Artistic Entrepreneurship – and follow the paths of succesfull artists.

This is what people have said:

About Birca:

The place is very beautiful and peaceful, and the atmosphere is so warm, with inspiring exchanges and a homely joy. Just the right, nourishing environment for all kinds of creative work and meditative digging deep!

The place is amazing. The island and nature breathtaking. The solitude maybe just what you need to recharge and enter your life again.

About Susanne:
Susanne Daing is an inspiring and motivating force. As a producer and cultural enthusiast she has the ability to see clearly an artistic potential and is not afraid to lay out plans and take chances. She gives courage and reassurance to embark on new projects and take on challenges of work a head. She has great overview, optimism and a vast experience which is exactly what an artist needs to support an artistic process.

About Susannes workshops:
A really faithful and inspiring meeting…Enlightening and inspiring…Very interesting and useful
Amazing, I was very enthousiastic to share my vision…Innovative and inspiring

About Susannes strategic work:
The work with Susanne helped us tremendously to recognize the full potential of our resources, expertise and extensive network in order to maximize the creativity, productivity and longevity of our artistic work.

The concrete action plan Susanne equipped us with have made it possible for us to take major steps forward, to get clarity on when and how we act to achieve our goals, and we are now significantly closer to realizing our vision for the company.

Susanne’s skills and abilities to understand the art form of theater, give advice in an understandable form and help to give a theater a true body built directly on the substance from those she coaches, has been nothing less than a miracle for our small theater group.

About Sofie

Working with From Sweden Productions is nothing short of Pure Excellence. Their knowledge of PR and Social Media is second to none and has opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities for me as an artist and for my business. Sofie has an endless well of positive energy and focus and leaves no page unturned. She always has the time and patience to deal with anything I throw at her and then some!! To work with From Sweden is the best decision I’ve made in my 25 years as an artist. I only wish I’d met her sooner!

Sofie Marin, an amazing producer. I worked with Sofie at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, were she produced “Valerie Solanas will be president of America”. It was a big and demanding production. A large ensemble, newly written play and a strong minded cast. Sofie managed us with a strong, calm and professional approach. She is fast-paced and fun, as well as fearless in managing conflicts when needed. Many work situations would be a lot more fun and enjoyable if there were more producers like her in the world.

Noomi Rapace, Actor 

In my collaboration with Sofie Marin and From Sweden Productions I have found a partner from the production side at the highest professional level. Sofie has broad experience from both theatre and music productions. Big or small, in combination with high ethical standards and an irrepressible energy. Sofie makes me feel safe and secure as an artist, at the same time as she enhances my creativity. I would like to work with Sofie forever …..