Your vibration

Find your vibration

Work with your unique vibration to connect to the universal energies. Learn how to express yourself and unfold your true potential.

Do you miss clarity? Are you uncertain about your purpose in life? Let me help you with my knowledge and tools to lovingly show you what your real potential is. What is hiding inside, what are you able to create and how do you get rid of the barriers, so you can shine with all your light in this world?

Private coaching:

We will work over 3 months with 6 individual sessions of 1,5 hours per session.

Group coaching:

You will be invited to participate in a joint forum with other participants and guest speakers every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 16-17.30 CET.

Additional value:

  • My book “A Book On Love” as inspiration for the journey
  • A Passion Test session by Susanne Danig
  • Access to a special resource page

Topics for joint meetings:

  • Love and vibration
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Guiding by nature
  • Understanding of our human energies
  • Morning rituals and meditation
  • What patterns are holding you back
  • How to deal with projections


  • 6,000 DKK /800 € plus VAT

Keep your vibration

If you have found your way to your unique vibration and you still need some guidance to overcome fallbacks and obstacles, join this forum and connect with others who have joined my programs. Here we look at whatever you still need to attend to, which might be building your career or business more concretely. You will grow you inner core and your network of co-existing souls and feel connected on your own unfolding journey.

Private coaching:

Over a period of 3 months you will get a 2-hour coaching session to dig deeper into what you are dealing with in order to build your vision and fulfill your purpose.

Group coaching:

This also includes joint coaching with me and guest speakers where we continue on some of the topics from the introduction and whatever else emerges for you. There we will go deeper into personal leadership and how to deal with teams around you. This will take place every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 16-17.30 CET

Additional value:

  • Access to a special resources page
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group
  • Regular 5-10 min inspirational videos on different topics


  • 3,000 DKK/400 €  per month for 3 months, plus VAT
  •  9,000 DKK/1200 € for 1 year (25% discount) plus VAT

“I help artists unfold their true potential, shine with clarity, and use their innovative power to tell inspirational stories.” Susanne Danig