Contact Zones is an international and cross-disciplinary project: its aim is creating contact and interaction between performing arts, urban spaces/non-conventional venue and people. It has 4 partners from Italy, Germany ands Denmark. Danig Performing Arts Service is the Danish partner. It takes place from 29/10/2018 to 29/02/2020. In Denmark the main festival is taking place […]

Contact Zones

The Contact Zones project in Denmark will connect the expertise of Danig Performing Arts Service in developing projects and international collaborations and the facilities of BIRCA – Bækkelund Inetrnational Residency Center for Artists established in 2017 at the island of Bornholm. The project will host young artists working in the crossoverfields of performing arts and […]

ARTISTIC ENTREPRENEURSHIP – What can we use it for??

You may have noticed that, I have begun to use this term “Artistic Entrepreneurship”  – and you may have wondered why I use it,  what it is and if it makes sense to use in the art?   In the arts we often have made a divide between art and everything that has to do […]

Artistic Entrepreneurship

  I’ve been out swinging my hat and enjoying a few festivals. Lots of cool performances and meetings with colleagues during CPH Stage with the launch of UPgrade International, which I have been working on for a couple of months. Followed directly by the Folkemøde (People’s Meeting – a big political platform festival) at Bornholm […]

Are you ready to undfold your potential?

I make an effort to be the best version of myself every day. The version that sees other people and supports their way in life. The version that does not cause unnecessary noise in the world. That supports my surroundings. A person to deserve trust. A person that adds something new to the world.   […]

International perspectives

Working internationally is absolutely essential to me – it’s in my blood. I started out in the 90s with Trevor Davies as a mentor in the Copenhagen Culture City 96 days, where we had a stream of international projects and guest performances – and it has been in my blood ever since. Therefore, the international […]

Inspirations and projects spring 2018

I’m on my way out in the world for a while. Tomorrow I am flying in to Brussels for the IETM meeting – first premeeting on a new network project called DeploY, then lots of networking with old and new collegues. Then great adventures are waiting at Bali, where I for 2 weeks will be […]

It is time for BIRCA now…

CPH Stage, our big Danish festival, with all its business has ended – and summer is on its way. For me, this it means time on BIRCA on Bornholm. And now you also have the opportunity to come over here, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the magic of Bornholm and at the same time gain […]

BIRCA – Bækkelund International Residency Center for Artists

I have together with my husband bought a space to play with artists in the future! BIRCA is beautifully placed on the island of Bornholm in the middle of the Baltic sea, surrounded by some of Europe’s most fantastic nature.It is my new playground, which my husband and I took over on April 1st, and […]


  It is Christmas, it is dark, but light is coming and it is time to give thanks for the year of 2016. And it has been a amazing year – as I am talking a bit about in the Christmas video I made for you to share my gratitude and love with you. The […]