Strategy developement spring 2016:

The company writes:

We had planned our course with Susanne Danig as part of an important development for our company. We had just expanded the management of the Company with a producer beyond the two artistic directors, and we were in the initial parts of formulating a new long-term vision for the Company’s development.

Now half a year after the development process, we very much feel the effects of our development with Susanne. The concrete action plan Susanne equipped us with have made it possible for us to take major steps forward, to get clarity on when and how we act to achieve our goals, and we are now significantly closer to realizing our vision for the company.

Meanwhile, the thorough coverage of our individual passions, and our common vision for the company, also made it possible for us to act as a single unit. The process has made it possible for each of us to represent the shared vision to partners, audiences, etc.

The development process has created great cohesion of the Company, a strong, well-defined vision with a joint ownership, and an extremely rewarding and productive work environment