Strategy developement

Artisdic director Israel Aloni writes:

We initially met with Susanne when we attended an IETM meeting in Bulgaria. There, she presented her intention to work with independent companies on strategic development in order to ultimately benefit the artistic creation in the organization. We immediately felt that Susanne was offering something that we needed at that exact point in time. From the very start, we had a wonderful connection with Susanne who is a remarkably supportive and experienced person. We invited Susanne for an intensive weekend in Gothenburg, Sweden, where ilDance is based. There we invested in looking through our organization with retrospective, current and futuristic perspectives. The work with Susanne helped us tremendously to recognize the full potential of our resources, expertise and extensive network in order to maximize the creativity, productivity and longevity of our artistic work. We still have a lot of work to do on the development of infrastructures for our company but, based on the ideas and tools that Susanne has been sharing with us, knowing that we have wonderful support from Susanne and our ongoing correspondence with her, make us feel confident and clearer with how we will make it all happen.