Do you want to get clarity of your passions and goals and be in flow towards your dreams? Do you want to have somebody at your side to support you to unfold your potential? Do you want to get closer connected to the international performing arts society or your national sector? Do you want help to get a plan to connect yourself with your business? Then this personal and strategic mastermind group is for you!

  • get clarity on your passions and goals – and support to focus on them
  • get advice on how to be in flow and personal balance
  • get access to a great international network of theater professionals
  • get support in creating networks and finding the right partners
  • get ready to sell more performances and get more assignments
  • get a closer view on your economical situation and how to improve it
  • get better tools to communicate
  • get a business plan
  • get a professional and trustworthy referral

My mentorship in this mastermind group is built on a long experience in the performing arts. You will be connected with quality, trust and passion. You will have a coach who listens, who understand you and your work situation, who can give you useful feedback and who will always be in your corner.

Price of the mastermind group is 5000 DKK/670 € plus VAT for 5 months.  Groups will be max 8 persons with a mix of nationalities and backgrounds. For people who have taken my Mini Service or been at my mentorships before the price is 3500 kr./470 € with only one startup session.

The mastermind includes: 2×2 hours start-up session with the Passion Test and the Wealth Dynamics Test, followed by 1 hour personal coaching session, plus 2 hours group coaching per. month in 5 months facilitated on the Zoom platform, access to Danig resource page with tools to work with, access to closed facebook group for participants and monthly follow-up mails plus invitations to webinar with experts in the field. Bonus: joining me at international theatre meetings/festivals – and hang around having fun!


Individual start ups during September/October

Groups sessions first wednesday in the month 16 – 17.30: (7/10, 4/11, 2/12, 6/1-21, 3/2-21)

Individual sessions after appointment

Want to join? Write me an e-mail explaining why you want to join!

Hear Elli talk about what she feels about being part of the mentorship: