Welcome to my mentorship circle

I hope you will enjoy all the good tools I have assembled here for you on your personal development.

All meetings will be taking place on Zoom.

Access to the Upgrade Go International tools is here

Here is a link to my video on planning your year.

1. The Passion Test

I will take you through the Passion Test when we are together – I will help you write your 10 passions, they should be filled with joy and excitement in present tense to fulfill your biggest wishes. It is important to stay in the heart in this process. You can prepare by thinking about what excites you. Bellow is the handout we use for the passion test if you want to engage in it.

  • Here is our handout
  • Here  is a video with Janet Attwood who created the passion test

Follow up on the Passion Test with:

  1. Creating markers
  2. Writing 100% passiontext
  3. Create a visionboard – use your own creative methods to visualize your passions/markers
  4. Action plan for the next months

Visionwork based on your passions

Write a 100 year birthday speech for yourself – what did you achieve in this life, what will people remember you for, what impact did you do?

Write your vision based on what you want to achive in this longterm perspective – how does my life look in 10 years, what would I have accomplished by then? Followed by what would I then have created in 5 or 3 years to be on the right route.

Remember – most people have too many ambitions for what they can achieve in one day and too few on what they can do in a lifetime!

READ: Janet & Chris Attwood The Passion Test (order if you want to dig deeper) and E-book A life on Fire for free here

2. Wealth Dynamic test/Roger Hamilton

I ask you to take the Wealth Dynamics test developed by Roger Hamilton. You will receive a personal token from me to do this and you will get a personal debrief.

Link here to take the test.

You can do your own debrief assignment on your talents and access your flow if you want to dig deeper – find paper here

You can also work with a Pre-flight list to see if you are clear about your Wealth Spectrum level and how to take yourself and your business to the next level – find it here

All of Roger Hamilton’s tools are gathered and integrated on this website – GeniusU – you can explore different microdegrees here for free – so please sign up on this page. To begin with you can engage in the Wealth Dynamic mission – just enter you token when asked for it and continue. After this I will recommend to take the Millionaire Master Plan Mission if your are interested in growing your business. We can work together on the yellow microdegree which focusses on being a better solo-entrepreneuer. Also make sure to ask me to be your friend and if you want ask to become a member of my mentorcircle.

I often talk about the different energies in the WD system and how they can determine how you plan your time and where you work – watch Rogers video on this here

READ: Roger Hamilton’s book The Millionaire Master Plan

WATCH: Roger Hamilton’s YouYube channel on entreprenurship here

WATCH: Webinar with Susanne and Sofie Marin (in Danish/Swedish) introducing Roger and his system here

3.  Byron Katie and The Work

The work is an excellent tool to work on inner feelings and projections – I will bring it in when needed. You can find a worksheet here

READ: Byron Katie Loving What is

WATCH: Her YouTube channel with loads of different interviews here

4. Nature’s Guidance System

Chris and Janet have developed this simple tool to learn about how to deal with contractions and expand – find worksheet here

5. Morning ritual – The 8 daily questions

Find a practice to start each day with tuning your soul and mind to what is important to you by being gracefull and reminding yourself of what is important to you.

Here is a file with Susanne’s morning ritual in Danish. And here it is in English.

6.  Meditation

Use any meditation practice you have to let your brain set free – preferable twice a day 20 min – this will give space in your working memory part of the brain – liberation feelings of stress and allowing you to be more effective – actually the more you have to do, the more you have to meditate! I use Transcendental Meditation (sound mantra based created by Maharishni – takes a small education) because it gives me direct access to the “unified field”. You can find great guided meditations (I also use that sometimes), but be aware that they tend to keep you in the mindspace – what you ultimatively want is free flow without mental activity in an awake state.

I use a great app called Insight Timer. You connect to other people meditating, you can time your meditations with wonderful bells, and add different sound depending on your mood and purpose – and there are great free guided meditations also.

I found this beautiful simple but far reaching meditation of Roger Hamilton, that can be used by everyone – and also enhance your feeling of belonging – read directions here.

7. The Big Leap

Gay Hendricks book The Big Leap is a great inspiration on understanding the Upper Limit Problem – here is a link to my notes on the book

8.  Michael Beckwith & the 4 stages

I recommend listening to him for more spiritual understanding – this video explains The 4 Stages Of Spiritual Awakening

“I help artists unfold their true potential, shine with clarity, and use their innovative power to tell inspirational stories.” Susanne Danig