Upgrade GO International

I have together with Sofie Marin (Haag) from Sweden made this toolbox for The Development Platform for Performing arts in Denmark with contributions also from Kamma Siguemfeldt and Malco Oliveros. Here are links to the different elements. There are a number of “chapters” with a video intro and some written materiale with links to further resources. For some of the major chapters there are also a workbook where you can work on your own with the material. There is a lot of concrete materiale you can dig into – useful if you want to work international, but also if you just want knowledge and want to grow your workrelations. The material is made so it can also be used by experienced people, so take small steps and use what makes sense to you at the stage you are at. Let me know if you have questions or need supervision in your work.

Here you will find the introduction – followed by the workbook to work on an international strategy. This is a good introduction for everyone.

On Branding – followed by the workbook – by Sofie Marin. This is quite high level, but also very effectful to follow.

On your sales materiale – followed by the workbook by Sofie Marin. This is some of the material you need to have and be able to distribute when you start selling.

On your international networks – followed by the workbook. This will help you look into different network posibilities and look at the connections you already have and can use to build on.

A guide to international platforms – this gives an overview of different ways of working international, agents, platforms, showcases, organizations and residencies.

Guide to Danish platforms working internationally – this is an overview of the different Danish festivals and platforms working international, that might connect to.

Information on co-producing – this gives you a strategic approach to understanding co-producing and why it is so beneficial to engage in, and what you have to think about.

On international Fundraising by Kamma Siegemfeldt – this gives an overview of funding possiblities.

On EU supported activities by Kamma Siegumfeldt – this goes into how you can work in the field of EU projects.

On economy and agreements – by Malco Oliveros – what you need to think about with exampels of contracts and invoicing

On technical planning – by Malco Oliveros – examples of technical rider, stuff on insurance etc.

On tourplaning – by Malco Oliveros – how to plan the tour, how to employ, visa stuff and more

Your communication plan followed by a workbook – by Sofie Marin – how you work to get the presentation of your performances the best possible.

On the day of the performance followed by a workbook – by Sofie Marin – what you need to take care of at the day of the performance.

Post production followed by a workbook – by Sofie Marin – how you need to pack the performance down and build on the the next presentation.